Who's behind the paintbrush?


Welcome!  Thanks so much for visiting and your interest.  I am Kendra Hinzmann owner/artist of Wall Whimsy Murals, LLC.   I began Wall Whimsy in 2002 in the Fox Cities area.  I love living in the Madison area now and have relocated the business here!

Doing something artistic was inevitable. That wasn't a stretch I suppose, growing up in a very creative household as my mother was an artist and my father a musician. One of my earliest memories is doing art: I can remember lying on the floor on my stomach, legs up and ankles crossed. A brand new box of Crayola crayons (Remember brand new crayons? One of the best things in the world to a kid!) and lots of bright white paper scattered all around me.  I decided to create a picture for my grandma who lived in Minnesota.  After what seemed like many hours, "The Huggy-Kissy House" emerged.  

I still remember Grandma's face and reaction when I gave it to her at our next visit.   I know... every grandma has to react that way, but it still made a lasting impression on me.  Maybe more so was the fact that she kept it hanging up for years afterward.  Ever since then, I loved the feeling of making people happy with art.

After high school, I decided to go to school for Graphic Design-- sensible and stable.  Learning the Sales and Marketing aspect was invaluable, but, I truly missed the hands on, getting messy part of studio art!  I then transferred to U.W. Milwaukee and earned a BA in Studio Art (Drawing & Painting) and minored in Art History and Psychology.

I teach art classes for all ages.  A particular honor was launching an art gallery and art studio for seniors with weekly classes at a well-respected retirement community.

It is a blessing to be able to make murals!  I feel such a connection with this type of painting. Sharing creativity with others is a passion for me that I hope to share with you too.