Most Often, I am Asked...

What kind of paint do you use?

The murals are painted with water-based latex/acrylic paint that is within the same family of paint most likely already on your walls or that you may use for an art or craft project. These paints are non-toxic. Acrylic/latex is great for durability and is easy to wipe clean. For high use areas, an acrylic polyurethane can be applied.

What is your pricing?

It truly depends on the project: size, detail, location, etc... Generally speaking, an average mural on most or all of one wall  with moderate detail would likely be $400-600 and up. An estimate will be given at the consultation and if it goes over based on the contractor's original price, the client does not have to pay the overage.  If more detail/changes are requested during the painting, the price will be adjusted and agreed upon before completion. Wall Whimsy is committed to working with you to find the right type of painting at a price that works for you.

Why not just buy a stick-on mural?

You could... they are most times cheaper and that is a draw.  However, I have heard many people tell me how hard they are to put up and keep up-- especially on textured walls that are prevalent in so many homes (see Testimonials).  I have also had mothers tell me that older babies and toddlers are fascinated with trying to peel them off the wall. Not good!  And last, why not have something original? There is just no replacing something hand painted and custom made just for you!

Do you do outdoor murals?

Occasionaly.  It really depends on the project, if murals are allowed in the juristiction, and equipment needed to complete it.  While indoor murals are more my forte, outdoor jobs are taken on a case by case basis.

Do you do Faux Finishing?

The short answer is no.  I do sometimes use those types of techniques within or around a painting, but not alone over an entire wall. There are specific faux finish painters who do a fabulous job with that type of work.

Do you paint the wall before adding the mural?

Occasionaly a client will want a different background color, but for drying/curing time, all walls will need to be base-coated by the client ahead of time.  Most murals look great  with whatever color you already have on the wall!